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WP Post & Graphics was formed in 1995 as the video production arm of Walterscheid Productions. WP Post & Graphics is a totally on-line facility and edits with the Quantel Newsbox, and on the graphics side we use Macintosh applications, including Adobe After Effects and Electric Image Animation System for Animation. Coupled with our experienced staff of creative people, our services include: concept/scriptwriting, video shooting, editing, 2D & 3D animation, TV Commercials, Long-Format Shows, Jimmy Jib rental, web design, print design, logo design, media buying, and distribution of videos worldwide.

Walterscheid Productions established in 1968 has been creating award-winning TV Commercials for three decades. Including the legendary “Put, Put to the Pizza Hut” campaign for Pizza Hut which won a national Clio Award. Now WP Post continues the tradition working for clients such as the Disney Channel, CBS, FOX National News, U2 Concert Tour, and the Franklin Graham Revival.

Our list of satisfied clients keeps growing...
Let us give you a hand in your next productions!

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WP Post & Graphics a division of Walterscheid Productions
228 Pennsylvania, Wichita, KS 67214

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